Applause for Corporate Leadership

Applause for Corporate Leader TestimonialApplause is due those companies and corporate leaders who have forged a trail beyond the “command and control” of regulatory compliance over the past 30 years. Such pioneering souls visualize the frontier ahead that pays dividends on the investment of time, effort, and money, to protect and replenish those irreplaceable resources that sustain human life, and the privilege of living on Planet Earth.

Sustainability begins with good corporate citizenship, which entails integrity, excellence, teamwork and a spirit of community, coupled with a passion for innovation that would yield as a by-product of favorable economic, environmental and social impacts. This undoubtedly springs from a fountain of environmental ethics, commonly referred to as environmental stewardship.

The best kind of mission statements on corporate sustainability and environmental stewardship are those that set concrete targets and achievable goals. Progress toward these goals is consistently measured till tangible outcomes are achieved. The day of glowing words of a company’s commitment to the environment alone is outmoded.