Testimonials from Vanguard Clients Across the U.S.

You guys do a great job… and I love how I can login to my EMS and manage all my facilities. Vanguard is the only consulting company I want…

Adrian Gomez at Pavestone in Grapevine, Texas

The documentation that Vanguard has provided over the years has proven invaluable in meeting the ever-increasing demand from end users who want to do business with environmentally responsible companies.

Motor/Armature Manufacturer/Houston, TX

With the risks of such hefty enforcement penalties, Vanguard’s work has given me the peace of mind that our compliance has been met in a top quality manner with defensible documentation to prove our position to any inspector who might visit our company. All this allows us to focus on our company’s core business priorities rather than trying to “fake it” on some pretty complex EPA/OSHA matters. To me, Vanguard has been every bit as helpful on our compliance matters as our CPA professionals have been on our IRS / tax matters.

Plating-Anodizing Provider / Kansas City Metro

No company can go wrong by having Vanguard as a part of its regulatory compliance / risk management team. Enforcement penalties are just too devastating to an organization’s fiscal progress to think otherwise.

Screw & Bolt Mfr./St. Louis, MO

I can see many benefits for companies having Vanguard as a part of its regulatory compliance team. With EPA/OSHA Enforcement inspections on the rise from the Federal agencies all the way down to the City, I feel comfortable to have your team assisting us with our compliance needs. I look forward to our relationship continuing over the next several years.

Department of Aviation/Denver, CO

In addition to the normal regulatory agencies, we are frequently audited by our clients. The documentation that Vanguard has provided over the many years we have been associated with your company has proven invaluable in meeting the ever increasing demand from end users who want to do business with environmentally responsible companies.

Motor/Armature Mfr./Houston, TX

I would like to commend you on the job Vanguard has done in getting us into compliance with our SARA Title III and Hazardous Waste issues. It was particularly impressive that your [Compliance Gap Analysis] screened all the compliance laws by tracking every single chemical component throughout the plant. To be able to address all the laws and know how we stand on each one is extremely helpful to us from a long term planning approach. It’s nice to know that we don’t have to do Form R Reporting! I’m sure we’ll be in touch before long to get the Storm water Runoff Permitting done. Then, other than the Air Permitting monster, we’ll be pretty much caught up.

Precision Grinding Mfr./Houston, TX

This letter is to express our appreciation for the work you and your specialists provide toward satisfying our company’s EPA/OSHA compliance requirements. Since 2006, our company has relied on your turnkey services. You have been there 24/7 when we’ve had questions or issues and your expertise and technology have helped keep us proactive with regard to our site-specific compliance needs.

Newspaper Syndicate/Multiple Facilities in Southern U.S.

We have used Vanguard for approximately five years. We chose to use their services to help staying compliant with the myriad of rules and regulations in our industry. Vanguard comes out to our site multiple times throughout the year. Sometimes they are here to train our people, other times they are here to walk through our plant to offer suggestions ranging from compliance issues, employee safety and OSHA requirements. We have found these services to be critical to our success in keeping our manufacturing plant in compliance with EPA regulations and safety. Prior to using Vanguard, we did the reporting ourselves. It seems like we always had issues and government regulators were constantly at our plant. This is no longer the case. We rarely see the regulators because they ”know” we are doing what is required because Vanguard is here.

Spa Mfr./St. Petersburg, FL

Vanguard satisfies our environmental compliance issues with all the different state and federal mandates. They have the experience, data banks, professional affiliations, personnel, engineers and turnkey reporting that not a single individual in our company across the country has. To try and do this internally to “save money”, is a mistake, with potential catastrophic outcomes. This is a cost I don’t see how we could do without and might cost the company 8-10 times what we pay them to do for us!

Pet Food Processor / Missouri (From Mgr’s memo to other Sr. Mgt.)

Vanguard’s techniques such as Compliance Gap Analysis and Regulatory Compliance Agenda are practical and effective means to achieve and maintain compliance objectives. The results of a recent environmental audit of [one of our business units] that utilizes Vanguard were very positive. Their EHS compliance programs were complete and current. The audit score for this facility was among the best for [our] business units audited over the last three years.

Tool Mfr./Chicago, IL

After experiencing training and spending time going through the HazCom Plan books and training records with Vanguard’s engineer here in Chicago, I have to tell you I was very pleased with the end result. The whole process was excellent and the HazCom books are very well thought out and organized. Thanks for the outstanding service. We look forward to working with you in the future

Chemical Mfr./Chicago, IL

As a manufacturer of asphalt products, compliance with Federal, State, County and local laws is becoming an increasingly burdensome and time consuming duty. Vanguard, as a third party, along with the defensible documentation, gives us an element of protection we have never had.

Asphalt Mfr./Oklahoma City

The reports and spread sheets generated by Vanguard Environmental for the [subject] company were the most comprehensive and complete of any that have been reviewed by the inspector.

Commercial Air Conditioning Mfr./Okla. City

Dear Vanguard, I just wanted to take a moment to thank you for your recent service to our needs. It’s obvious to me you went beyond the scope of our contract with your company in assisting us with the Oklahoma Dept. of Environmental Quality. It’s so refreshing to see someone “go the extra mile” in living up to the services they promise, especially after they’ve got the business locked in, in the new era of EPA & OSHA compliance laws. I can’t see how people can operate a manufacturing company without the environmental compliance management services provided by your company. It’s pretty impressive how your expertise cut through the bureaucratic red tape of the people at ODEQ, Through your help, we have been moved all the way from “Large Quantity Generator” to “Conditionally Exempt.” Like most business owners, I’m not necessarily looking forward to seeing our compliance program grow, but I’m happy it’s in good hands with Vanguard as a part of our team.

Valve Mfr./Tulsa, OK

It is critical we understand three things: 1. These laws are complex and constantly changing; 2. These agencies (EPA, OSHA and DOT) are under pressure to increase their income by implementing enforcement penalties; 3. In the event of enforcement penalties, civil charges can and will be brought against the company. None of us want to be put in that position. To my relief, Vanguard Environmental has solved all of my compliance requirements on a cost effective basis.

Nationwide Trucking Service Center

As a multi-faceted manufacturer in the lubricants/oils industry, it’s comforting to know we’re in compliance with EPA authorities at the local, state and federal levels. Vanguard’s “one-stop-shop” philosophy really appeals to me.

Lubricants/Oils Manufacturer/Kansas City, KS

We couldn’t be more pleased with the technical expertise, service-oriented attitude and performance excellence exhibited by Vanguard’s team of engineers and technicians. Finally, we’re truly proactive in knowing what our Compliance Agenda is required to be. It’s reassuring to know, when laws are enacted or amended by rulemakers in Washing and the Dept. of Environmental Quality, your Legislative Updating service automatically lets us know the changes required of our compliance program. In closing, I’d just like you to know that I sleep better at night knowing Vanguard’s compliance management protects us against inspectors, enforcement agents and the like.

Automotive Brake Mfr./Oklahoma

With the help of an onsite regulatory specialist who was very knowledgeable about the continually changing laws, we were able to analyze our manufacturing process and comply with EPA, OSHA and DOT. Vanguard also was able to place in our facility a defensible documentation notebook for our proof of compliance.

Architectural Woodwork Mfr./Atlanta, GA

We’ve just received our modified permit for an important expansion of our business. I wanted to express my thanks for the fine efforts of Vanguard and staff. Among the attributes displayed are: communication skills in a professional and friendly manner; technical excellence; persistence; service flexibility.

Plating/Coating Mfr./Gary, IN

As a multi-faceted machine shop, it’s comforting to know we’re in compliance with EPA authorities at the local, county, state and federal levels. Because we’ve been concentrating our efforts on running our business, some of the environmental and safety mandates have simply slipped by us the past few years. Efforts to develop in-house program could not approach the professional level your team provides, nor the cost effectiveness Vanguard offers. We should have an enjoyable relationship for years.

Machine Tool Mfr./Phoenix, AZ

Just a quick word of thanks for all of the services provided by Vanguard Environmental! It was extremely helpful to understand in layman terms our responsibilities regarding environmental and safety compliance issues established through our site specific Regulatory Compliance Agenda. The information and services provided by Vanguard were of exceptional value.

Milk Processor/Phoenix, AZ

Last year, we realized that we had not taken a look at all of the regulatory agencies and how their rules affect us here in Los Angeles in a very long time. On the recommendation of our Okla. City plant, we brought Vanguard in to do a full assessment. Our experience with their Los Angeles office has also been very positive. It is never good to hear you are out of compliance with environmental laws, but we are really glad we heard it from Vanguard Environmental instead of the regulators.

Envelope Mfr./Los Angeles, CA

The technology that Vanguard Environmental, Inc. has developed to perform a chemical inventory analysis sounds like a useful multi-media, multi-regulatory assessment tool. It seems that innovations like this could benefit a broad group of clients including the Federal Government. I have asked my staff to collect more information from you on this technology and have also alerted our Labor Liaison in EPA’s Office of Pollution Prevention and Toxics (OPPT) to share your description of the technology with his counterparts in the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA). Perhaps there is a role you could play in future training and outreach programs that the TRI Management Branch conducts.

U.S. EPA/Washington, D.C.

This experience has been such a positive one for our company, but mostly for me personally and it’s all due to the Vanguard group. As the person responsible for this 120-year old facility and the livelihood of 80 employees, now I can sleep well at night knowing we safely operating within all state and federal guidelines, thanks in large part to Vanguard.

Textiles Mfg. Co./Chicago, IL

I want to write this brief message to express my deepest satisfaction in the relationship my two companies have maintained in the past year with Vanguard. It seems that the EPA and OSHA have so many complex regulatory laws that affect us beyond belief. Fortunately, though, your team of compliance specialists has helped me with overwhelming service with your turn-key approach. There is a limit to what one person can do on compliance issues. So I can honestly say one of the best decisions my companies ever made was to bring Vanguard aboard to take care of all our environmental compliance issues.

Commercial Air Conditioning Mfr./Okla. City